Brandient 101 news release

Bucharest, March 16, 2010

Brandient is pleased to invite you to a one of a kind exhibition centered on business-applied design, and entitled “Brandient 101. Romanian Graphic Identities.”

Smartree, Astral, Credisson, Flanco, Europharm, Loyalia, Albalact, Domo, Fulga, Fabryo, Savana, Gabi Szabo, HR Club, Bucharest School of Management, Novensys, Qualians, Matricia, Radiocom, Vita, Tuca si Asociatii, Syntesio, Voicu si Filipescu, Zuzu, Apidava, Casa Noastra, QFort, Di Melio, Roua Florilor, Super Bee, Docentris, Gentica, Metropotam, Qlarivia, TBI Romania, Fragedo, Ventrust, Akta, CEC Bank, Ceramica Iasi, Brikston, Dedeman, Ekeep, Fonomat, Ygrec, EllaBella, Frateus, Benevo, Biogood, Domo, Duraziv, Linco, Nemo Express, MyStaff, PeliFilip, Pluriva, Toyplex, Papane, Unirea, Verida, Sagio, Patria Credit, Kidokka, Trigento, Setila, Baudeman, Wiesana, Edata, Hermix, Cuculand, Quantrio, MyNameIsBrand and the list could go on…

Brandient is pleased to invite you to a one of a kind exhibition centered on business-applied design, and entitled “Brandient 101. Romanian Graphic Identities”. Visitors will be able to see 101 real examples of corporate identity, gathered in one place, designed by the company during its first eight years of existence. Brandient intends to make a point about the way design can create powerful unique identities, thus triggering the formation of functional communities around them, after half a century of uniformity and collectivism.

The exhibition will be open to the public from the 26th of March until the 7th of April 2010, at Carturesti Bookshop, 13 Pictor Arthur Verona Street.

On the 26th of March 2010, starting at 5 PM, the seminar entitled “Brandient 101 minutes about design” will be held at the event site. The seminar will focus on Brandient designers’ experiences about the branding projects featured in the exhibition.

“In Romania, the temptation to talk a lot and to do little has reached epidemic proportions in all fields of activity. For the last eight years, Brandient has decided to talk less and do more. Apart from the turnover and the leader status, the most relevant result is our portfolio, bringing together more than 100 graphic identities for corporations, companies and Romanian packaging designs. Many of them have already changed the destiny of the local business firms they represent. Bearing this in mind, we say it was worth every effort”. —Aneta Bogdan, MBA, Chartered Marketer, Managing Partner Brandient.


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